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At the end of each concert, our beautifully produced orchestra scores (which many of the orchestra describe as a work of art) are dismantled and have previously ended up in recycling. This year, we decided to put the paper to better use and volunteers from Questa have created a stunning range of year-round gifts and Christmas ornaments during the festive months. Hand crafted by this team, all profits go back into Questa (we are a charity). Why not order yourself some unique items, and perhaps buy some for a friend? Every item is handmade and different. 
Click here to go to the shop and see the full range. 
Baubles 1.jpeg
Christmas scene 1.jpg
Candle and card.jpeg
Reindeer 2.jpeg
Baubles 2.jpeg
Christmas objects 2.jpeg
Origami stars with LED lights 1.jpeg
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