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Questa Voce is where it all started, back in 2012. Born from a major production the previous year, this renowned choir and performance group break the mould by not just producing the highest level of production, but in the level of training and continuing professional development they receive each week. 

Questa Voce started life in the car park of a well-known high street technology shop, when our conductor uttered the immortal words, "I've had a bright idea..." Those who know him will not be surprised by that statement leading on to something that requires a huge amount of work all year long, but which, in the final analysis, is completely worth it all. Mostly. Questa Voce followed on from a major previous production, which required some months of recovery for all concerned, but the idea of a performance group who were trained to the highest standards in all styles of singing was (and remains) a novel concept. 

Since that day in early 2012, Questa Voce have performed many concerts, all on a large scale. They have attracted West End soloists to come and perform with them. They have had seriously professional musicians want to come and play for them. Their concerts have featured such wonders as bagpipes, recorders, violin and cello solos to make even the hardest of hearts weep and even (the pièce de résistance, in our opinion) multiple outings of kazoos, played by both Questa Voce and the orchestra. Who knows, you might even hear one at our next concert. If you're particularly unlucky. 


Over the years since that fateful utterance, they have raised thousands of pounds for charity as well as performing such immense works as Karl Jenkins The Armed Man (the only group this side of London to produce this with The Armed Man Film) and Tolga Kashif's epic Queen Symphony. Each week, they are trained not just in the material for the next concert, but in singing technique, music theory and score-reading. 

Questa Voce is a mix of many different voices and styles. We have a number of highly-trained and experienced professionals, we have a number of semi-professional voices and we have a large number of people with no formal training or experience, but this mix of wonderful people makes for a great balance, and the thing that makes aforementioned conductor most proud is the way in which they look after and support one another, especially in times of personal crisis. They are truly a bunch of the nicest people on the planet, which is more important than their awesome talent. 

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