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Launched in 2017, chamber orchestra Questa Camera is the member of the Questa family more suited to more intimate venues.

Questa Camera is the chamber orchestra and small group part of the Questa family. Made up of the top players from Questa Musica, this is our most professional, high-end performance group. 

Able to perform in more intimate settings than the full symphony orchestra, Questa Camera brings the highest level of musicianship, talent and virtuosity to audiences. The group features a different line-up of players every time, meaning we can provide the widest possible range of repertoire. 

Questa Camera officially launched in 2017 in our "Bach to the Future" concert with Questa Voce in Beaulieu Abbey Church on 13th May. Their debut album, Virtuoso Classics, is now available by clicking here. Forthcoming concerts can be found on our Buy Tickets page and you can request an appearance by them on our Contact page

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