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Described by Classic FM as "one of the country's finest orchestras", Questa Musica continue to support Questa Voce as well as performing their own spectacular concerts throughout the year. 

Since Questa Voce began in 2012, we have been lucky enough to have our fantastic orchestra with us at every concert. They always play up a storm and hurl themselves with wild abandon into the insanity that tends to surround anything we do (some of the orchestra are even crazier than the choir...). In the summer of 2015, the way they tackled The Queen Symphony (and won) showed just how high their standards are, and they were formally named Questa Musica at the end of that year. 

This was done in recognition of the fact that the Questa Voce concerts just wouldn't be the Questa Voce concerts without the glitz and glamour the orchestra bring - they are very much a part of the team in the same way the singers are, and just as vital to the ongoing success of our concerts. They bring the creativity as well as the crazy. 


Questa Musica is built in a similar way to Questa Voce. We have a very large number of top-level professionals including members of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Philharmonia and various BBC Orchestras. Alongside these we have handpicked freelance professionals and semi-professionals, supported by the very best amateur players in the area. 


The symbiotic relationship between a top-level orchestra and a highly-trained and enthusiastic choir provides some of the most epic concerts you will ever see. One of our recent concerts earned three standing ovations in just one performance - don't miss the chance to experience this for yourself in our next one! 

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