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Launched in 2020, Questa Teatro is the theatre and musical theatre branch of Questa. 

Questa Teatro was a logical step for us to take, as so many of our performances have a highly theatrical element. Our second concert back in 2013 featured two stars of the West End for A Night at the Musicals, and we welcomed them back with another two West End stars in 2019, before we were joined by Kerry Ellis, First Lady of the West End, for our Christmas performance later in 2019. We decided to form Questa Teatro to perform Terence McNally's epic play about Maria Callas - Masterclass - in February 2020, with standing ovations at every performance and rave five star reviews. We have more theatre productions planned over the next few years. 

To read the reviews of Masterclass, click on the two links below, or watch the YouTube trailer for the 2020 performance above. 

Review 1 - BHLiving

Review 2 - SceneOnePlus

Masterclass Poster 1.jpg
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